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For victims of domestic and sexual violence and their supporters

+36 80 505 101 (within Hungary)
+36 1 267 4900 (from abroad)


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6-10 PM, Tuesday 8-12 AM and Wednesday 12-2 PM

The Silent Witnesses exhibition commemorates women murdered within the context of domestic violence

The stories that you can read on the figures illustrating the women are collected from press releases of the previous year. The number of women murdered in acts of domestic violence is 40-70 each year in Hungary. Every fifth woman gets physically abused by their partners in their lifetime, and the life of these women are constantly in danger. The exhibition also wants to highlight that the murder of women in many cases could be prevented if battered women and children got sufficient help from their environment and the social service system to whom they in fact do turn to get help.

Renting the exhibition

The Silent Witnesses exhibition can be rented and displayed at events about violence against women, women’s rights and about combating gender-based discrimination. Rent out the Silent Witnesses exhibition by writing to and express your solidarity for those women and children for whom domestic violence is an everyday reality. You can raise the awareness in your environment about the social issue of domestic violence by doing this.

The story of the exhibition

The international movement started in 1990 in the state of Minnesota (USA), in Hungary it became known in 1998. The Hungarian event was the first display outside the USA and ever since it was taken up by other countries in Europe too. Since 2002 NANE Association has started to participate in the international campaign called ‘16 Days of Action Against Violence Against Women’ with a march organized around the exhibition to commemorate the victims of each year passed. 16 Days of Action Against Violence Against Women is organized around the world since 1991 between 25th November and 10th December marking the international day of fighting against violence against women on the 25th November and the international day of human rights on 10th December. The campaign is run by non-governmental organisations and civilians aiming to raise the awareness of and inform the public about domestic violence. Also to express solidarity towards the victims and to push the policy makers to step up and act against all forms of violence against women and children.

Apart from the Silent Witnesses March organized annually since 2002, the exhibition has been displayed at the following events/venues:

  • NANE Association’s events on International Women’s Day (8th of March, since 1998)
  • Sziget Festival – NANE Association’s tent at the ‘NGO Island’ (since 2000)
  • Central European University for the events of 16 Days of Action (since 2014)
  • Women’s Congress (2013)
  • Gombaszög Summer Camp, Krasznahorka (2015)

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