NANE help line

For victims of domestic and sexual violence and their supporters

+36 80 505 101 (within Hungary)
+36 1 267 4900 (from abroad)


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6-10 PM, Wednesday 12-2 PM

If you are a victim of abuse (whether verbal, emotional, physical, sexual or financial abuse), you have the right to get help.

NANE Helpline for victims of domestic & sexual violence

+36 80 505 101 (within Hungary)
+36 1 267 4900 (from abroad)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6pm-10pm
Wednesday 12pm-2pm
Free to call from mobile phone as well

We provide anonymity for callers on our helpline. 
Calls are answered by the trained volunteers of NANE Association.

Call the NANE helpline, if:

  • you are unsure, whether your partner is abusive
  • you would like to discuss your situation and your options
  • you would like to talk about domestic violence
  • you were sexually abused or harassed
  • you would like to know more about the nature of abuse
  • you are interested in how can you support your acquaintance, colleague, relative, student who is affected

PATENT Association’s Legal Advice Helpline

+36 70 220 2505

Wednesday 4pm-6pm and Thursday from 10am-12pm

Call PATENT’s legal advice helpline, if:

  • you have specific legal issues/questions related to domestic violence or other forms of violence against women and children, and reproductive rights
  • you would like to discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer

General emergency number (ambulance, police)


The Police’s duty:
(Executive Order 2/2018. (I. 25.) of the Chief of the Hungarian National Police)

  • to go on-site to every domestic violence call (not only “if blood spills”)
  • the parties must be questioned separately
  • to make sure the victim is safe
  • to inform the victim/person concerned about the legal & law enforcement possibilities

In case you would like to make a complaint about the police procedure, you can do so at the police station in question or at the claims office of the National Police Headquarters. You can find additional information here.

OKIT – National Crisis Intervention and Information Telephone Service

Call OKIT, if:

  • you must escape from your home
  • you are looking for a crisis shelter

Additional options

Support groups for survivors of domestic violence

Domestic violence in the long-run undermines self-esteem and social skills, destroys the intimate family atmosphere, has a detrimental effect on growing children, inhibits parenting skills and creates an intense feeling of shame, guilt, isolation and loneliness. To counteract abuse, our support groups reduce isolation and create social bonds. Sharing life stories helps women combat the feeling of shame and guilt; they have opportunities to get help and learn strategies to overcome their problems (for example, how to treat their traumatised children) and at the same time reduce their feeling of inadequacy. When women were asked, what they gained from participating in a survivor support group, they said:

  • „I learned that I’m not the only one who is suffering from domestic violence and that what I feel is normal.”
  • „I was able to speak openly and freely without being judged by others.”
  • „I could be together with women who understood me.”
  • „I felt for the first time that they believed me.”
  • „I don’t feel like I’m the only one.”
  • „It gave me some hope to continue my life.”
  • „Now I feel that I have a right to act.”
  • „I cope with [the experience of domestic abuse] more, because I realized, not all the bad things are my fault.”
  • „I’m more confident when I go somewhere. I try to look ahead, not just at my feet.”
  • „Now I know that I have the right to say no and keep my own interests in mind.”
  • „From an externally controlled, suicide wreck I became an assertive, self-confident woman!”

1447 Budapest, PO Box. 502.

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